DESC Job Vacancy
Desk Supervisor

Evening/Weekend Desk Supervisor at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre

Outline Job Description

  • To arrive punctually for the start times indicated by the Head Groundsman
  • To open up the premises as necessary and check that they are in a suitable condition for use
  • To provide a presence in the reception area ensuring that only authorised users of the sports centre gain access to the building and pitches
  • To inform users of the facilities available and allocate changing rooms
  • To establish cordial relationships with users of the facility
  • To oversee the security of the building including dressing rooms and ensure use is orderly at all times
  • In the event of an accident or incident to implement the appropriate procedures and to call the relevant emergency service(s) as necessary
  • To regularly check the condition of the facilities, in particular the public toilets, to ensure that they are in good working order
  • To set out chairs and tables for courses and meetings when required
  • To ensure that only authorised use is made of the reception telephone
  • To ensure that the reception area, toilets and hall are kept free from any safety hazards
  • To report any damage, hazards or any threats to public safety to the Head Groundsman as soon as possible
  • Not to leave the premises whilst on duty, unless specifically given permission by the Head Groundsman
  • To be responsible for the switching on/off of the floodlights at the correct times
  • At the end of the duty to thoroughly check the building and ensure that it is secure
  • At the end of the duty to set the alarm if required

If you would like to apply for this position, please forward your CV to our Operations Director Paul Baker:


For further information about this role you can contact Paul Baker on 07825 924037