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Do you live in Walthamstow and want to start getting fit and active?

Our grassroots physical activity project Green Hearts is encouraging local people of all ages to exercise with friends and family, improving health and bringing communities together.

Every day of the week, you’ll find people like Ronnie walking the one-mile path around our Douglas Eyre Sports Centre playing field in Walthamstow.

“It has improved my health by giving me more energy,” says Ronnie. “I find I walk more than take the bus, and it’s improved my breathing and stamina. It’s near, free and all the staff are friendly and helpful.”

Ronnie is one of 300 people who have signed up to our Green Hearts project since it launched in 2017. It offers a safe place for people who aren’t currently physically active to start to enjoy the health benefits of exercise.

Watch this short video featuring Ronnie and others who have benefited from Green Hearts

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How it works

If you’re a Walthamstow resident, you just need to register for Green Hearts to start using the path at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre and access activities for free.

The path is marked out with quarter-mile posts around the perimeter of the field so you can track the distance you walk, jog or run and monitor your progress. It’s open during daylight hours seven days a week so you can exercise at your own pace, at a time that suits you. No special equipment or clothing is required – except suitable footwear if it rains.

Register for Green Hearts to help you live a healthier lifestyle


Improving health and wellbeing. In the UK, 17% of deaths are caused by inactivity. It is estimated that physical inactivity costs the economy £7.4 billion in premature deaths, healthcare and sickness absence. Green Hearts supports people who live sedentary lifestyles to get fit and healthy, improving their mental health.

Encouraging people to be more active. Many people who sign up to do some informal walking have gone to try running, led walks and yoga activities offered through Green Hearts.

“It’s been amazing to have these Green Hearts activities. They seem to fit in like a jigsaw piece around life. The timing and crossover of activities has allowed me to do things for myself as well as for the children.”

Asli, Green Hearts member

Bringing communities together through sport. Playing fields are traditionally used by sports club members. This project opens them up to the whole community. It provides a safe and welcoming environment where local people feel comfortable exercising.

How do I take part in Green Hearts?

Register for Green Hearts online and start enjoying the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Your children are welcome to walk around the path with you and don’t need to register.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome pack and a Green Hearts armband. The armband is so staff at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre can recognise you and provide a safe environment to exercise.

You’ll find out more about our weekly yoga classes for Green Hearts members when you sign up.

“Joining the led Green Hearts walk programme has given us access to a sociable and peaceful space at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre.”

Sue, Green Hearts member

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If you have any questions about anything to do with Green Hearts, please call us on 020 7323 0331 or email

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