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Leading an active lifestyle can be difficult for some people for physical, social and economic reasons.

Thanks to our supporters, we change lives by providing opportunities for some of London’s most disadvantaged groups to play sport and be physically active.

Our two social inclusion projects address the inequalities which cause some people to miss out on the benefits of sport and physical activity.

Through Coping Through Football, we work with the NHS to improve the well-being of adults and young people experiencing mental health issues.

Green Hearts extends our reach beyond traditional team games to those not involved in organised sport, but who, with encouragement, will walk, jog or run around our fields on an informal basis.

Donate to LPFF and help change the lives of more Londoners or if you would like to donate to support a specific project please contact Jo.McKenzie@lpff.org.uk

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How we change lives

Reducing obesity. NHS figures show that a third of London’s children are overweight or obese. Our playing fields and projects inspire more people to exercise on a regular basis.

Improving health. In the UK, physical inactivity will prematurely kill one in six of us. Physical inactivity costs the economy £7.4 billion in premature deaths, healthcare and sickness absence. Providing opportunities for people to be more active can help tackle preventable illnesses and saves the NHS millions.

Reducing isolation. The activities played on playing fields have the capacity to bring communities together, creating a shared sense of identity and purpose.

Cutting knife crime. Our projects increase aspirations and feelings of self-worth, helping to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. Sport can get young people off the streets and provide an alternative lifestyle where they feel safer and more aspirational. Our Fields of Dreams research found that regular positive sporting experiences can be a force for good in the lives of young people who might otherwise be tempted by the allure of gangs.


Discover more about OUR IMPACT and the stories of the people who have benefited from our projects.


Green Hearts

Find out about our Green Hearts initiative and our other social inclusion projects

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Coping Through Football

Support our groundbreaking social inclusion project to help people with mental health problems get their lives back on track.

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