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We believe that sport can transform lives and to achieve this we need to ensure those places where it is played are protected and fully used.


  • Use the planning system to protect against the loss of playing field sites at risk from development.
  • Establish a continuously updated Fields at Risk Register for London.
  • Encourage local authority planning departments to adopt housing policies that do not result in a net loss of sports pitches.
  • Advocate that each local authority has a robust and up to date assessment of the needs and opportunities for playing fields in their area as part of their local plan
  • Work with DfE to ensure there is no reduction in school sports pitch provision in London.


  • Promote the wider health and social benefits of well managed playing fields.
  • Inspire an increase participation in sport and physical activity through better utilisation of playing fields and artificial turf pitches.
  • Adopt a strategic pan London approach to sports pitch provision recognising inequality of access between inner and outer London boroughs and the demand for facilities by users crossing borough boundaries.
  • Raise the awareness of funding opportunities relating to playing fields and their improvement.


  • Improve and sustain the quality of existing sports pitches for present and future generations of Londoners.
  • Create a single city-wide hub for playing fields information in London to improve the awareness of where sites are located, who uses them and how often.
  • Offer support to those seeking to invest in playing field improvements.


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