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Why we exist

  • There are around 1,500 playing fields in London, owned by local authorities, schools, charities and commercial companies.
  • London is home to 16% of the UK population but only has 8% of its playing fields.
  • London’s public green space has a gross asset value of more than £91 billion, providing services valued at £5 billion a year.
  • London saves £950 million per year in health costs due to the impact of living and working close to public green space.
  • In the UK, 17% of deaths are caused by inactivity. It is estimated that physical inactivity costs the economy £7.4 billion in premature deaths, healthcare and sickness absence.
  • For each £1 spent by local authorities and their partners on public green space, Londoners enjoy at least £27 in value in terms of economic health benefits
  • London has lost 20% of its grass football pitches since 1990.
  • 41% of London’s natural turf cricket pitches have been lost since 1990.
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Our impact

During 2018*:

  • 709 cricket matches were played on our pitches, around 38 games a week.
  • 3,771 football matches were played on our grounds, 134 matches a week.
  • 105 local people signed up to our Green Hearts project which gets people walking, jogging or running around our fields to keep active and improve well-being.
  • 93 Football Association education courses were delivered on our grounds, supporting career progression in sport.
  • 65 cricket teams played on our grounds.
  • 563 football teams regularly used our facilities.
  • More than 200,000 Londoners used our pitches, which are available to hire.
  • 162 adults and 53 young people attended Coping Through Football, a grassroots project which improves the well-being of adults and young people experiencing mental health problems.
  • 54 youth football matches were played at London Marathon Playing Field Greenwich each Sunday during the football season.

*1st October 2017-30th September 2018.


For every £1 we invest in producing good quality pitches, we only recoup 39p in hiring income.

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Coping Through Football

Support our groundbreaking social inclusion project to help people with mental health problems get their lives back on track.

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Green Hearts

Find out about our Green Hearts initiative and our other social inclusion projects

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