Game of cricket at Peter May Sports Ground


following the lockdown due to covid-19 the uk government has now allowed us to open our grounds under guidance of the national governing bodies.

As a facility provider, one of our responsibilities is to ensure the health and wellbeing of our clubs, users and staff is our main priority. We have been working to ensure we can welcome you back to grounds safe and secure from Covid-19. The England Cricket Board (ECB) and Football Association (FA) have both published guidance for facility providers and clubs. From these we have created a Risk Assessment and Operational Procedures checklist and a list of LPFF’s and club/team’s responsibilities during the restrictions that are currently in place.


Cricket Risk Assessment and Operational Procedures checklist

Football Risk Assessment and Operational Procedures checklist


LPFF and Club/Team Responsibilities for Cricket

LPFF and Club/Team Responsibilities for Football

NGB Guidelines

For further information you can find the guidelines from your sport’s National Governing Body below.


The FA

Football game Fairlop Oak Playing Field team

QR Codes

Part of the revised COVID Regulations introduced by the Government requires many venues, including sports facilities, to display a QR Code to help with the NHS Test and Trace scheme as of 24th September. Several clubs have told us they have decided to get their own code for their team(s) to help them keep track of the participants in their matches.

London Playing Fields Foundation has registered each of its grounds and has obtained a site specific QR Code for each ground. The codes will be displayed at each ground, primarily at the point of entry to buildings for access to toilet facilities. If any users of our grounds choose to use the QR Code system that is great but it is not compulsory for anyone using our grounds to scan the code.

The QR Code system is an additional aid to the gathering of contact information for users. LPFF will continue to use the “lead member” system for contact gathering that has been used through the summer season and the start of the football season, utilising the information we get from clubs/teams when they book our pitches.

Clubs and individual teams should keep records of those involved in their sessions and matches and, as highlighted above, you may decide to register for your own QR Code to assist you with keeping records.